Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stories for Khloe ~ Gumby and Pokey Go To School

For my favorite little Turkey Dog.

Gobble, Gobble, Woof, Woof! 

I love you.

Yo Yo.

Gumby and Pokey Go To School

"Pokey, you're not a girl! Come to the boy's line."

Gumby and Pokey always pay attention to the teacher.

"I wonder what we're having for lunch?" Gumby thinks, as he waits for Pokey to get his lunch ticket.

"I wish I could print as well as you do, Gumby," says Pokey.

"Wheeeeee! Going down the slide is fun."

"Pokey! Close your eyes," says Gumby. "It's rest time."

"What are you cooking, Gumby?" asks Pokey in the Kitchen Center.

"Look Pokey. Your name starts with the letter P. What else starts with P?"

Gumby and Pokey have lots of fun at school. I hope you will, too, Khloe.

The End

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