Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Cookies

It's been too long since we had our Halloween Cupcakes, so it's time for Halloween Cookies ~ Double-Decker Cookies. 

Image by Karla

I'm not sure I could eat a cookie that was looking at me like this cat.

Image by Ayca Wilson

I could eat pumpkins and happy-face Jack-o-lanterns, though.

Image by NKMphotos (scrapgeek)

Image by Ayca Wilson

Image by Michael Savino

Scary ghost cookies will have to be eaten quickly.

Image by Cozinhando Fantasias

Image by Ayca Wilson

Looks like someone has already started on this little ghostie.

Image by NKMphotos (scrapgeek)

Of course I have to have some bat cookies.

Image by Ralph Daily

Image by Ayca Wilson

Image by creepyhalloweenimages

But I'm sorry, Mickey. I just can't eat you, no matter how cute you are.

Image by Loren Javier

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