Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bats, Bats and More Bats

I love Bats. 

Image by Bernard Goldbach

The Flying Fox is my favorite.

Image by ellenm1

Bats are amazing, wonderful, helpful creatures, so I especially love seeing Bat decorations at Halloween time. Some are scary.

Image by Anna Hirsch

Some are only a little scary.

Image by jason wilson

Image by Scott McLeod

Some are Jack-o-lanterns.

Image by Katie Brady

Image by Janet McKnight

Image by Ruth Hartnup

Image by Jo Naylor

And some are just plain cute.

Image by Sherry Venegas

Image by Patrick Lentz

 Image by http://www.petsadviser.com
Image by http://www.petsadviser.com

This Bat could definitely win Cutest Bat of All.

Image by Ross Griff

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