Friday, September 19, 2014

Perler Bead Projects

I had some Perler beads, so my students and I played with them. We had large ones.

And small ones.

The book that came with the large beads had a couple of projects I liked.

Once the beads are in place, you iron them with a paper covering so they will adhere to each other (which is why I did this at home).

This is the back, showing the beads melted.

And the front. Isn't she adorable?

I love the colorful butterfly, too. This is a wonderful activity for children. They can follow designs or create their own.


  1. I've wondered about these beads. We can get them here in SA. Now that I've seen the results I'm more keen to buy them for my little ones. I'm thinking of decorations for our Christmas tree ..


    1. I think they'd make excellent Christmas decorations. It's very good practice for small fingers.