Thursday, September 4, 2014

Don't Judge The Book, Just The Cover

I've discovered new artists because of the artwork on the cover of books. The most recent is James Jacques Joseph Tissot.

The Ball, 1880

Isn't that gorgeous? James Tissot was a French painter and illustrator who lived from 1836 to 1902. He was famous for his fashionably-dressed women in scenes of everyday life. I do love the clothes, though I'd only want to wear something this fancy on rare occasions.

On the Thames, 1882

Isn't it brilliant how Tissot uses bright color to focus on the child?

Hide and Seek, 1877

Here the bright color is used to outline the focus of the painting.

October, 1877

Seaside, 1878

I love the reflection on the floor.

Lilacs, 1875

I can't imagine how difficult it is to paint folds on a dress like this.

The Fireplace, 1869

The color of this dress is so beautiful.

The Bridesmaid, between 1883 and 1885

I wonder if she's enjoying her thoughts. 

Young Lady in a Boat, 1870

Even with a book, this young lady is thinking, too. I wonder if they're thinking about their clothes.

Kathleen Newton in an Armchair, 1878


  1. I love Victorian clothing. I wish people still dressed up like that -- minus the corsets and so forth for the ladies, of course. That had to be brutal. But I'd put on a top hat and a full-blown Victorian gentleman's suit any day!

    1. I love the clothes, too. They must have been extremely costly, with all the fabric they used. I can't imagine they would be too comfortable for walking in, either. But they sure are beautiful.

      And I think you'd look awesome in a top hat!

  2. Adore the gorgeous painting you chose...(and your comments)
    I also loved the thank you note from a must be a great teacher to inspire that kind of creativity.

  3. Anna, thank you. I tried a top hat once, I'm afraid I looked like a polotically ambitious Hobbit. Maybe the next life!

    1. I've always thought that a few more politically ambitious Hobbits in congress could only improve things!