Monday, July 28, 2014

Seahorses Standing, Seahorses Hanging

My mom had lots of Seahorses either hanging on the walls or standing on shelves. They are too cute not to have out where one can look at them frequently.

I have this darling Seahorse poster hanging in the bathroom.

Isn't the texture on this little guy interesting?

This is also hanging in the bathroom. So pretty.

My sister in law found this Seahorse wind chime in Florida.

This one has a magnet on the back. I used it on the white board at school.

Isn't this Seahorse adorable?

My mother kept this yellow Seahorse in a large glass bowl with shells.

This beautiful Seahorse is one of my favorites.

I made this quilt for my mom. I love having it hanging in my home, now.

Giraffe #321 also has a magnet on the back and I used it on the white board to hold white-board markers.

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