Sunday, July 6, 2014

Seahorse This, Seahorse That

My mother was very creative. She hooked a bathroom rug/toilet seat cover set with a Seahorse pattern. Not wanting to step on the rug, she hung both on the wall and I have done the same.

I think her first Seahorse was a jelly glass. It's one of my favorites.

If she wanted to write a letter, Seahorse stationery was a must.

These light switch plates were in my mom's bedroom and bathroom. I have them in my home now, as a lovely reminder of her.

I bought a set of ocean puzzles for my students. There are four different puzzles in the box. Fortunately each puzzle's pieces have a different shape on the back to help keep the pieces separated.

All the puzzles are beautiful.

But the best one is . . .


  1. My favourite marine creatures, turtles, are paying a visit to the seahorses in the second of the stationery pictures.

    I'm enjoying this Seahorse series, thank you for sharing your Mom's treasures.


    1. I'm glad the turtles got into the picture!