Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rolinda Sharples

I was intrigued when I discovered this painting (The Artist and her Mother) was done by Rolinda Sharples, an artist I had never heard of. She was an English painter who lived from 1793-1838. She exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Society of British Artists.


Look at the amazing transparency of the sleeves on these paintings.

Jane Horley

Madame Angelica Catalani

I love the little curls on this self portrait, dated 1814.

The Cloak-Room, Clifton Assembly Rooms, has been used for such books as A Portrait of Jane Austen by David Cecil, Jane Austen's World by Maggie Lane and High Society by Venetia Murray.

I love the title of this painting: The Village Gossips. Looks like someone is eavesdropping.

Both of these paintings are entitled Study of Flowers, but they are so very different.

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