Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Frog and Toad: A Friendship Forever

My favorite children's literary friends are Frog and Toad. There are four books in the series, with different stories in each book.

The stories are funny and silly and heartwarming, as Frog and Toad go about their days, sometimes having adventures . . .

Sometimes doing day-to-day things, like riding bikes, eating cookies, trying interesting ways to get seeds to grow (yelling doesn't work) or giving a birthday present that doesn't quite fit.

Or being embarrassed in your bathing suit.

Frog and Toad do nice things for each other, like sending a letter when one is sad because they haven't gotten any mail. (It was sent by the real snail mail.)

Frog and Toad teach us that friends do things together, care about each other and stick together.

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