Monday, April 7, 2014

Keeping Little Feet Warm

Boots help.

Love the polka-dotted coordination.

Can you guess how much I want ladybug boots?

Strappy shoes with different-colored socks made me smile.

Stripes and flowers are a cool way to keep feet warm.

Boys got into the act.

Easter Bunny comes to school!

Happy Feet.

Must keep hands warm, too. Now how can I get those gloves on my cold hands?

Giraffe #318 will help keep a little one's hand warm.


  1. What a LOVELY website. And the flags to the left look as if you're still keeping score during the Winter Olympics.

  2. LOL I should post a pic of my huge armored steel-toed snake-proof farm boots!

    1. I'd like to visit your snake-proof farm!