Thursday, January 2, 2014


Endpapers are the folded pages that are pasted on the inside front and back covers of a book. Before mass printing, these were often marbled papers, like this handcrafted example from around 1830. 

Image by Aristeas

Sometimes Endpapers are scenes from the story, like in this 1943 copy of Five Go Adventuring by Enid Blyton. The Endpapers are drawn by Eileen A Soper.

Image by chrisjohnbeckett

I've found some fun Endpapers in books in my class.

I love Babar and the Endpaper is delightful.

Look down, Biscuit, and you'll find some yummy bones.

I'm not sure what book this is, but it's perfect for Christmas Past.

Two Giraffes to start the new year: Giraffe #303.

And Giraffe #304.

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