Friday, December 13, 2013

O Christmas Tree

I love looking at decorated trees. I saw these at a shop and had to take pictures. Aren't they beautiful?

This peacock feather ornament is gorgeous.

I bought a little silver tree for my classroom. My students love it. They also like the small house. I told them that I live in the house and when they go home I make myself tiny so I can fit in it. They're sure I'm teasing. Almost sure, anyway.

I like my tree serving plate.

I saved this box because of the pretty tree on it.

This little bear decided to be a Christmas tree.

This tree opens up.

This one is part of a set that includes my tiny house.

Former students gave me these tree ornaments.

A musical tree ornament.

Giraffe #300 loves trees, too.


  1. I love your little house! If I can manage to make myself tiny, may I join you there for tea and gingerbread cookies?


    1. That would be fun! Such a cozy little house.