Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mini Collection ~ Butterflies

Not real butterflies, of course. I made this butterfly for my mother when I was in Brownies. Now that she is gone, I have it to remember her by.

I love this one. It came with a sweater set my mom bought me when I was 12. I wanted the sweater set because of this pin.

These butterflies were gifts from students. That always makes them extra special to me.

This pair of earrings was given to me by a friend. (The pink was caused by a reflection when taking the picture. I kind of like it.)

This was a perfume bottle of my mother's.

Of course I have lots of butterfly stickers.

And stick-on butterflies.

Looks like Giraffe #287 collects butterflies, too.


  1. I love the perfume bottle. Oh, and I was also a Brownie, once upon a time!


    1. How fun that we have being Brownies in common!

  2. OH goodie I can join the Brownie club. I was a Brownie when I lived in Puerto Rico. I love the Pink earings. I love butterflies, but I really like dragon flys. I have a button you would like. ;)


    1. My sister loves dragonflies, too! She has a big collection. I like both butterflies and dragonflies.

      I love buttons!