Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome, Fall ~ Autumn!

Whether you call it fall or autumn, it's a beautiful time of year. 

I love leaves, especially dried ones. Aren't the colors and the veins wonderful?

Autumn colors are so gorgeous.

Norway Maple leaves are so bright and golden.

Image by böhringer friedrich

The golden orange of these leaves is stunning.

Image by Daily Picture

Image by Dick Mudde

Image by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT

As are the colors in this Polish forest.

Image by Mohylek

I love the color of these Rose Hips.

Image by Hedwig Storch

A walnut pod opening up is a lovely autumn image.

Image by Böhringer Friedrich

This little Japanese squirrel looks amazed by the beautiful colors, too.

Image by Ma2bara, Edited by Laitche

I don't think Giraffes #279 have quite decided if they're read for fall.


  1. I love seeing autumn pictures, I just love the colours. My part of SA doesn't get a true autumn, we seem to move between summer and our mild winters with no inbetween seasons. It is green all year here.


    1. I love seeing seasons change,too. One day I want to take a trip to the US East Coast in the fall and see it up close and personal.

  2. I love the fall colours. Did you notice the pink ;)
    We really don't have a fall in cali so I always as my
    photog cousin to send me some colours

    Pink Kitty