Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Buttons at the Zoo

The Buttons are a family in an obsolete school book I found. Giraffe #281 is on the cover. She looks very happy to be there.

It looks like the family that dresses alike has a lot of fun.

The Buttons stop to visit the monkeys before heading to the most important exhibit at the zoo.

Giraffe #281 enjoying a bath while Bucky takes a picture is the high point of the story. More animals follow, of course, but none could ever be as exciting as the Giraffes.

The Giraffe signpost reminded me of a raffle prize I saw at the library. How I would have loved to win these Giraffes, but the contest was for kids.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is It Possible To Have Too Many Earrings?

The answer? Of course not! Which is why I went to the store with my $5 off coupon and got this pair of earrings for $0.43, on sale. Regular price was $18).

They went well with the blouse I wore today.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


My nephew created an ABC Christmas card when he was little (with a little help from his mom). He sent it to his Grammy and me. It's one card I will always keep.

These are some of my favorite pages.

So cute.


Somebody loved dinosaurs.

Creepy hand!

More yummy.

We're big fans of Lamb Chop.


I hope my nephew figured out how to make an R the correct way.


Of course Giraffe #280 is my favorite page.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome, Fall ~ Autumn!

Whether you call it fall or autumn, it's a beautiful time of year. 

I love leaves, especially dried ones. Aren't the colors and the veins wonderful?

Autumn colors are so gorgeous.

Norway Maple leaves are so bright and golden.

Image by böhringer friedrich

The golden orange of these leaves is stunning.

Image by Daily Picture

Image by Dick Mudde

Image by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT

As are the colors in this Polish forest.

Image by Mohylek

I love the color of these Rose Hips.

Image by Hedwig Storch

A walnut pod opening up is a lovely autumn image.

Image by Böhringer Friedrich

This little Japanese squirrel looks amazed by the beautiful colors, too.

Image by Ma2bara, Edited by Laitche

I don't think Giraffes #279 have quite decided if they're read for fall.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Ahoy, Mateys! It's "Talk Like a Pirate Day." 

Image by ryaninc

Cast off.

Let's quickly move past this scary character.

Image by fuzzcat

And this fearsome finger puppet.

Image by Uncle Catherine

Shiver me timbers!

Image by

Image by normanack

More frightening Pirates.

Image by jimmiehomeschoolmom

Image by mac_filko

Image by mac_filko

Image by mac_filko

Avast, me hearties! Swashbuckling Giraffes #278 are ready to brave the pounding waves and rescue us from those marauding Pirates.

Monday, September 16, 2013


When I first saw this photo of a curved street and buildings in downtown Budapest, Hungary, I knew I wanted to use it in a blog post.

Image by TopBudapestOrg

I decided to look up some other interesting streets, like this narrow curved street.

Image by AudeFrance

I like buildings like Lord Street, Huddersfield, that are built in a curve to accommodate the street.

Image by Humphrey Bolton

Image by Basher Eyre

Image by Basher Eyre

Image by Jim Linwood

This cobbled street in Taxco is steep, because the town is built on a hillside.

Image by James E. Scarborough

I wonder what it feels like to live in a house that is so close to the street.

Image by Paul Harrop

These curving streets are intriguing.

Image by ume-y

Image by Jsome1

Lombard is a famous curving street in San Francisco, California.

Image by daveynin

But if you want a real curved road, try Mountain Street in Trollstigen, Norway.

Image by awiemuc

I don't blame you for looking up, Giraffe #277. That winding road in Norway makes me dizzy!