Saturday, August 31, 2013

TK ~ The Beginning

My new TK (Transitional Kindergarten) Class is off to a wonderful start. I have a roomful of energetic, inquisitive and interesting four year olds. I love watching them absorb knowledge.

We talked about circles and they made the most interesting collages. Every time I look at them, I think of colorful planets inhabiting the night sky.

I gave each table some bears to play with.


Bear Circles.

During activity time I get to witness four-year-old creativity.

I wonder where that arrow is leading?

I love this little boy's sword and shield.

Learning about yellow.

We are buddies with Miss Lori's second-grade class. They drew pictures for each of my students. Giraffe #273 is a very special one done by one of my first-graders from last year. I'm so happy that we are buddies with some of my former students.

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