Monday, August 12, 2013

Iron Bead Giraffe

Iron Bead Giraffe #268 is a kit that is put together on a small plastic pegboard and then ironed to adhere the beads to each other. The Giraffe is then lifted off the pegboard. It would be pretty hung in a window or on a Christmas tree.

The plastic pegboard is supposed to be placed over the diagram and beads placed in the appropriate places. I found it easier to keep the diagram on the side and count, as with a cross stitch pattern.

The beads. I love the colors.

The papers are placed over the finished project before placing the iron on for about ten seconds. The silver cord is for hanging the Giraffe.

Getting started.

Finished placing the beads. Now comes the iron.

I left the iron on for ten seconds, just as the directions said. When I pulled off the paper, look what came with it. I replaced the beads and tried again, only to have the same thing happen.

The third time I left the iron on longer and pulled the paper up very carefully to be sure the beads were adhered. I then ironed the flip side and my Giraffe was done.


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