Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Creamsicle Day!

Today is National Creamsicle Day. A Creamsicle bar is vanilla ice cream covered with orange sherbet. The perfect way to cool down.

Image by Scott Jones

I satisfied my love of Creamsicles many times this summer, but since I am at work today I will eat Creamsicle yogurt. I made it with plain yogurt, Splenda, homemade vanilla, orange juice and orange flavoring.

So refreshing!

There are other ways to celebrate the day. How about a fancy Creamsicle Cupcake?

Image by LexnGer

Image by American Candy Stand Cupcakes (Aust.)

Image by kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop)

Or this luscious Creamsicle Tart?

Image by djwtwo

You can't eat it, but this lovely flower is a Creamsicle Daffodil Jonquil.

Image by fixedgear

This truck painted in Creamsicle colors would be fun to ride in.

Image by Rosa Say

And so would this Jaguar. Oh, my!

Image by eyspahn

This little cutie is a member of the My Little Pony line. Her name is ~ Creamsicle.

Image by pullip_junk

Isn't she a beauty? This is the first time I've heard of Creamsicle and of course I want one of my very own.

Image by pullip_junk

I made my own Creamsicle Giraffe #269.


  1. That creamsicle looks delicious! I would love one now, even though it is a bit chilly here today.


    1. Is it ever too chilly to eat ice cream?