Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creative First Graders

A lovely story about our picnic at the park.

This creative artist managed to get all the activities of the park in one picture.

Playing ball at the park.


Even with the sun shining, somehow this picture makes me think of lonely swings at night.

This student wants to be an acrobat and a clown. Don't you just love the audience?

Riding bikes, whether with Mom or alone, is lots of fun.

Animal stickers were used in a writing assignment.

Of course I had giraffe stickers!

Monkey has a large giraffe friend.

The lion and hippo stories are wonderful.

Giraffe pictures are always a favorite.

The giraffes illustrating this book report are so adorable.

You can't go wrong when a picture has a giraffe and a rainbow. It has to be Giraffe #272.


  1. I suspect the magician got hold of the circus audience. Appears that the box-slicing trick went terribly wrong!