Monday, July 1, 2013

Student Art

Looking at pictures that my students draw always makes me smile. I love this one of our school, with the two smoking chimneys.

This tiger is fearsome, isn't it? The snake-like creature by the tree is a giraffe.

We had a picnic day at the park. Many students loved swinging on the swings.

The park has a ship structure that is a favorite.

This young lady has a large family, possibly including a ghost.

Does this sound familiar to anyone with children?

This little boy reminds me of Pinocchio.

Drawing Angry Birds wasn't allowed. You can see how well that rule worked. Just hide them amongst the sharks.

Apparently this student has been told that teachers aren't paid enough. How sweet of her to contribute to my salary!

Giraffe #256 has quite the little family.


  1. Anna, what a clever child to make Angry Birds into shark food! I love it!

    The first swings picture is fantastic, but each picture has some special element to it. The ghost made me chuckle!


  2. What nice pictures. I remember how much I loved swinging.
    Mr Girraffee has such a nice family.

    Pink Kitty