Monday, July 22, 2013

Rainbow Day

In the cold of Antarctica, Deception Island, South Shetland Islands, we find this beautiful Rainbow.

Image by Jerzy Strzelecki

I decided to stay warm and make Rainbow cookies. Not this poor little fish, who has his yellow and green in the wrong place. Better eat him quickly before he notices.

Image by Selena N. B. H.

These are very bright and the colors are in the right order.

Image by joyosity

A Rainbow sandwich. That looks yummy.

Image by joyosity

Image by joyosity

I used gel food coloring to make Rainbow-colored cookies. The gel food coloring makes the colors very bright.

The only problem with the cookie recipe is that it contained some oil. You can see it glistening on the unbaked cookie. I'll use a different recipe next time.

I cut the large cookie in half, to make it a proper Rainbow.

And in quarters, to do a few artistic arrangements.

For the frosting, I used a buttercream recipe. Love the colors.

Individual cookie Rainbow.

Cookie color wheel.

Cookie Rainbow.

I added the gel coloring to the frosting with a toothpick and wiped it clean on a paper towel. In doing so, I created Giraffe #260. (In case you're not sure which one it is, she's the flamboyantly-fluffy red critter on the left.)


  1. Giraffe # 260 looks as if she belongs in the Moulin Rouge. Very pretty critter!

    I would love to try the rainbow cookies.


    1. Giraffe #260 is already packing her bags for her trip to the Moulin Rouge!

  2. I liked the rainbow flowers.
    They looked yummy.

    Pink Kitty