Friday, July 26, 2013

Pierre Bonnard

My last post ended with Two Poodles, a painting by Pierre Bonnard, here in a self portrait c. 1889.

Tempera on canvas

Pierre Bonnard, 1867-1947, was a French painter and printmaker. I love the bright pink paper that draws one's eye to the letter.

The Letter, c. 1906

Bonnard is known for his intense use of color, as can be seen in this painting. I wonder if the little dog will get coffee, too?

Le Café, 1915

And this bright painting, View of Cannet.

Pierre Bonnard drew his subject and made notes on colors, rather than painting from life. Then he painted in his studio. The following are a few of his sketches for the painting, The Bowl of Milk.

The Bowl of Milk, c. 1919

I'm partial to vague paintings of buildings, like the ones seen in The Window.

The Window, 1925

One of Bonnard's lithographs is Les Parisiennes. Look at it before reading the description.

Les Parisiennes, 1893

Description: "Two fashionably dressed women on a street in Paris, France; among the bustle in the background is a man wearing a top hat."

Giraffe #262 is about as difficult to decipher as Bonnard's lithograph. It's a photo of a non-stick bath applique that came unstuck.

The edited version looks like a giraffe, right?


  1. Anna, I'm staring at Les Parisiennes and I think I can make out one glamorous woman and a man in a top hat, but they are not in proportion to each other. I cannot see the second lady!


    1. I just now saw the two ladies! One is in the upper left, a little way down from the top. The other lady's nose is where the lady on the left's ear would be.

      I think I see the man in the top hat and he is very small, right?

      Bonnard surely had a sense of humor!

    2. Now I can see the top left lady. Yes, the man is smaller than the women. The one woman appears to be wearing a fur stole, or a feather boa.
      I really love being introduced to artists! I would not say that Bonnard is a favourite of mine but the art is interesting.


  2. I love colour & I really like the picture of Cannet.
    I didn't find the ladies ;(

    Pink Kitty

    1. I love the picture of Cannet, too.

      Follow the black that goes up the middle of the picture. It leads to the top of one of the ladies heads. (The black is part of her furs.)

      The ladies take up most of the picture.