Monday, July 15, 2013

Giraffe In Silhouette

Giraffe #259 is our featured guest for the next few posts.

I found this wonderful book at a library sale. Not only is it filled with interesting information about giraffes by Dorcas MacClintock, but it also has wonderful giraffe silhouettes by Ugo Mochi.

Giraffes are vulnerable when they drink and always watch for predators.

There are five types of markings on a giraffe: Jagged, Leafy, Blotched, Spotted and Reticulated.

This map of Africa shows the distribution of giraffes (this book was published in 1973).


  1. The silhouette pictures really show how elegant giraffes are.


  2. They are elegant, I wonder why the Queen does not invite them for tea?
    Pink Kitty