Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finale of Giraffe In Silhouette

Giraffes groom themselves by biting and licking.

Since giraffes are vulnerable when they are sitting down, they do so only when they feel safe.

Giraffes sleep for short periods of about seven minutes, perhaps five times during a night. They sleep standing up or laying down with their head resting on their hind legs.

A giraffe gets up by first drawing its head back and then thrusting it forward. To view the process, start from the last picture and move up.

Once up, the giraffe stretches, arching its back and extending its neck and hind legs.

Giraffes walk with the legs on one side moving together, instead of in a diagonal pattern.

When galloping, the giraffe pushes off with its hind legs, which move forward outside the forelegs.

Despite its long neck, the giraffe has seven vertebrae in its neck, as almost all mammals do.

Our giraffe seems pleased with the sculpture done by Ugo Mochi, who did the pictures in the book.