Monday, July 29, 2013

Big or Little?

I hope he doesn't fall!

Starting to see a pattern.

These photos are the creative work of an amazing 14-year-old young man named Zev Hoover. Here he is on Good Morning America.

I love the whimsicality of his pictures. You can see them on Flickr. He's also figured out a way to save on travel. Just mail yourself wherever you want to go.

But if you really want to fly, no problem.

Check out Zev's blog to see how he did the following picture.

Zev's Mom helped by drawing the legs and feet.

Uh, oh!

This picture made me laugh because it's completely different.

Giraffe #263 is the return address label and envelope-flap sticker from a letter I received. I wonder if one of Zev's little people was hiding inside?


  1. What an incredibly talented young man! I love his work! I will look out for more.


  2. wow coming here I can learn all kinds of
    interesting things.

    thank you,
    Pink Kitty