Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mini Collection ~ Donkeys

I love collecting things, but I don't have the room for anymore big collections like my Giraffes. So I have mini collections, with only a few items in them. One such collection is my Donkeys. This is my first one, a present from my mother's trip to Mexico.

As you can see, it had an unfortunate accident. So Dr. Karenina performed surgery with a bit of carpenter's wood glue.

The patient recuperated nicely.

This Donkey was my mother's. I loved looking at it as a child.

I'm not sure where this Donkey and baby came from, but I do love them.

Little red Donkey was on the top of a birthday cupcake. The cupcake is just a memory, but Donkey lives on.

This Donkey is an honorary member of my collection, since it resides outside the home of a relative.

Giraffe #255, just because you pose like the little red Donkey, it doesn't mean you're a Donkey, too.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad the patient came through sergery with no problems. What a kind doctor to make a house call.

    Pink Kitty