Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making Vanilla

When I read how simple it is to make vanilla, I bought some vanilla beans.

They smell wonderful.

But look at bit like snake skins.

Split the vanilla bean.

Scrape the tiny beans out.

Put the seeds in a bottle. Cut the bean in pieces and place that inside, too.

I poured Rum in one bottle.

And Scotch Whiskey in another. Now it's just a matter of waiting. Since I chopped the beans up, it will be about six weeks before I can use it.

You heard me, Giraffe #250. Six weeks.


  1. Anna, what will you make with your vanilla? I think the variant in the Scotch Whiskey will work well in a creme anglais to serve with a baked winter pudding. Ooh, I've just thought of homemade vanilla icecream... yummy!


    1. I just use vanilla in cookies or cakes. I've never tried a creme anglais, but it sounds delicious!