Monday, June 10, 2013


When the new school year starts, my room will look quite different. It will no longer be a first-grade room; it will be a TK room.

TK = Transitional Kindergarten. My students will be those not quite old enough for Kindergarten. To say I am beyond excited is an understatement!

I have attended a couple of TK trainings, with three more to come. Part of one training was getting to use some of the materials my students will use as they strengthen their fine-motor skills and learn through play.

Homemade clay and a cookie cutter. So simple, so much fun.

Looks more like a Scottie dog than a horse.

That's better.

Textured roller.

That scalloped cookie cutter looks interesting.

I'm glad this isn't my foot.

More creative materials.

There's always time to create a rainbow.

Or a funny giraffe.

Giraffe #249.


  1. And you are going to get paid for this? Way cool. And lucky kids, to get you as teacher/playmate.

    I remember making clay (playdough) with my daughter. She was actually more interested in stirring it in the pot and adding the colour than in actually making shapes with it.

    Have you tried adding glitter to the clay? Knead it through - I bet that will look pretty.

    1. I love teacher/playmate! I tell my boss I can't wait to play with the toys I'm going to get.

      I hadn't thought about adding glitter to the clay, but that's a great idea. I'll give it a try.