Monday, June 17, 2013

A Few More Good Things

I like how this child thinks: July comes right after winter break.

One piece of paper is not enough for all the Good Things this student can think of.

Can you guess what this writer's favorite color is?

I love this student's Good Things, especially number one!

Baby Giraffes drop up to six feet when they are born.

You'd never know it, looking at newborn Giraffe #252.


  1. Amazing, zebra can run one hour after birth. Here I am, 42 years after my birth and I still don't run ;-)

    I have loved these lists. I agree, Bob Marley is a good thing. I noticed an Apple fan-child there. All the phones and accessories are listed!


  2. Hahahaha!!!! Oh, to be a Zebra and be able to run!

    Apple-fan child knows good things when they see them. :)

  3. I like child #5 colour!
    I agree I want to be a zebra
    and be able to run.

    Yikes to be dropped 6 feet
    Pink Kitty