Friday, May 31, 2013

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Clothes may make the man (and woman), but shoes put pep in the step of a first grader.

Wouldn't you be peppy if you wore multi-colored polka dots?

I love this young lady's bows.

Boys love their shoes, too.

Snazzy shoelaces make the day more fun.

I wonder if this is the Easter bunny, checking out where to deliver eggs?

More bows!

This student brings his own stars to class.

Maybe the Easter bunny brought Jack-O-Lanterns.

If only my feet were small enough for these Ladybug boots.

No shoes for Giraffe #245 until his leg heals.


  1. The first pair of shoes is oh-so pretty. I'd love a pair!


    1. I wonder if there are any grown-up shoes like them.

  2. I liked the multi colored polka dots.
    I have a co worker who is crazy about shoes....
    wonder if this is how she started?

    Pink Kitty

    1. Sometimes I'm so jealous of the cute things the girls wear. Like the pink Hello Kitty rain boots. Aren't they adorable?