Thursday, May 9, 2013

Picture Play

I was looking at some flower pictures I'd taken. I found one I was going to delete because it was out of focus, but decided to try using some different photo effects first.

Here's the original picture.

Now I began cropping. I liked the upper, right-hand corner, with the little water drop.

I tried Sepia, Black & White and a Reverse Image.

And then some coloring. I'm partial to the Red one.

More cropping, more colors, more effects. I lost track of time, but I sure had fun.

Giraffe photo #237 needs some green leaves.


  1. Anna, where you've done the colour effects, I really like both the red and the purple ones.

    How does Giraffe 237 feel about being green himself?



  2. Giraffe #237 isn't at all vain. He never looks in the mirror and no one wants to tell him he's also green!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, maslme. :)

      It sure is fun editing pictures and seeing what I can come up with.