Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Colorful Candy

Little Bears all in a row.

Image by wishymom (Stephanie Wallace Photography)

Or packed tightly in a jar. Poor things.

Image by nhanusek

Do you like to munch on Candy Corn?

Image by KaCey97007

Ever wonder what happens when you bite into it?

Image by KaCey97007

Gumballs light up a room.

Image by somethingstartedcrazy

Image by DeeganMarie

Image by Loren Sztajer

Candy comes in different shapes, like Hearts.

Image by Maura Teague


Image by HeatherWeaver


Image by strangelibrarian

Image by arbyreed


Image by dreyboblue

Bunnies. Now these rabbits know how to take advantage of a photo opportunity.

Image by arbyreed

Giraffe fabric #244 is bright enough to look like candy. But don't try eating it.

Extra bright, for those brave enough to look. 

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