Monday, May 6, 2013

Keep Looking At The Ground

A Halloween ghost tries to scare me on my way my class.

A rare appearance of the Blue Splotchasaurus.

I love bats, even when they're created by tar on the ground.

Cracks in the asphalt make an interesting tree.

Another tree. Or is it a balloon?

Maybe it's a cherry.

Are you surprised that I see a giraffe in these water spots?

The carpet in my living room has an interesting dark spot. I don't know what caused it, as I haven't spilled anything. I think of it as The Running Pig. How many people have art on their carpets?

Can you see the face I do in this ground picture?

It might be easier if it's darker.

A little color makes this ground picture pop. Use your imagination.

Walking to the library, I discovered this wonderful heart created from various rocks.

Baby Giraffe #236 won't be on the ground too long.

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