Thursday, May 23, 2013

Colorful Candy

This picture of Colorful Candy set me off to look for more pictures of brightly-colored candy.

Image by cohesion

I like jelly candy.

Image by Loren Sztajer

Image by PeaPix

M&M-type candies are very colorful.

Image by dipurinku | MERGED

Image by Sottovia

Image by spo0nman

Licorice comes in all different flavors and colors.

Image by bunchofpants

I like it when it's arranged like a rainbow, although blue seems to be a bit of a rebel here.

Image by Tanya Dawn

More rainbow rebels.

Image by pbev

These M&Ms are in good rainbow order, but they are missing a purple. Should we substitute the gumdrop from the previous picture?

Image by *PaysImaginaire*

Too much sugar isn't good for us, so we'll save some Colorful Candies for another post. Meanwhile we can look at Giraffe #242's rainbow title without worrying about calories.

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