Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Longer the Better

I love earrings. I love dangly earrings. I love long, dangly earrings, sometimes called Shoulder Dusters.

This pair is one of my $10-coupon finds from the local department store.

When I bought these earrings, they had large, gaudy, gold balls in the triangles. I took the balls off and put two triangles together. I love when my students look at the earrings and tell me in a puzzled voice, "They're different."

Long, dangly earrings are great. Long, dangly chains are even better.

I wore this pair today for the first time. (They are another of my coupon earrings.) I got many compliments from the students, especially because of the sparkly crystals. I can't decide which background displays them best.

Sometimes long and dangly just isn't enough. I need something really interesting.

Giraffe earrings, though, are always perfect, just like Giraffe pair #224.


  1. Anna, did you make any of those pairs?

    My favourites are the black pair of earrings with the chains and the pair with the interesting spirals.


    1. I didn't make any of these, but I'm going to put up some that I did make soon.

  2. Anna! You changed the background again.
    I like it... of course I like all the things you do.

    I liked the pink earing the best.

    Pink Kitty

    1. Thank you, Pink Kitty.

      Huge hugs for you and your family. I wish I could deliver them in person.


    2. They have been delivered, I wish you were really here, too.
      Since you aren't rest assured- they have been delivered &
      appreciated. mmm nice & warm.

      Pink Kitty