Monday, April 15, 2013

Overheard On A Saltmarsh

From "All the Silver Pennies"

From "All the Silver Pennies"

I was introduced to this poem by a friend who gifted it to me in a beautiful, dramatic voice. I felt the goblin's intense desire for those Green Glass Beads. I instantly fell in love with the poem.

The first time you listen, close your eyes and let your imagination take precedence.

Another reading.

What did your mind conjure? Was it an image like this?

Image by sammydavisdog

Did the Saltmarsh look like this?

Image by vastateparksstaff

Or this?

Image by tom burke from Morgan Hill, CA, USA

These are the Green Glass Beads I'd like.

Image by WordRidden

It looks like the Nymph gave Pillow Pet Giraffe #227 (a gift from a student) all the Green Glass Beads!


  1. Anna, thank you for introducing me to this poem. I love all your blog posts but this one is my favourite so far.


    1. Thank you, Sam. You've made my day.

      I've been working on this post for awhile, trying to get it to convey how much I love the poem. I'm thrilled that I could share it with others.

  2. Your blogs are always so interesting.
    I like the pillow Girraffee & the
    pretty green glass beads.

    Can you imagine if they were PINK?


    1. Pink and green! One of my favorite color combinations.