Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Travels ~ My Mother's Visit to Portugal: Part III

Santa Justa Lift is an elevator/lift in the civil parish of Santa Justa, Lisbon, Portugal. It connects the lower streets of the Baixa with the higher Largo do Carmo (Carmo Square.) Santa Justa Lift has become a tourist attraction for Lisbon as it is the only remaining vertical lift in Lisbon.

From the view in my mother's picture, it looks as thought the elevator rises alone to look over the city. From this side, one can see the terrace and walkway.

Image by David Sim from London, United Kingdom

Inside the bridge one can admire the ironwork and shadows it creates.

Image by Pedro Presilha

From beneath the elevator.

Image by asirap

This photo shows the advantages of an elevator in light of the hike one would have getting from bottom to top, especially in the heat of the day.  

Image by Chain of Wolves

The engines that run the elevator.

Image by Soulman of XD400

San Justa Elevator, lit up at night.

Image by I.Jimeno

The Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon. 

I love finding interesting streets when I travel. My mother's picture set me looking for photos of other streets in the district.

Image by Ken & Nyetta

Image by deror_avi

Image by norman_baboo

Laundry is routinely hung out of windows. These pajamas seem to be pointing down the street to the amazing view of the water.

Image by Awersowy

Perhaps Giraffe #232 can help us get up and down the steep streets of Lisbon. 

The original card is a yellowish color. I had fun changing it. Which color do you like best?


  1. Anna, there's no doubt. The pink card is the best.

    The Santa Justa Lift is very interesting. My daughter is studying mechanical drafting, I think she would find that lift interesting too.


    1. I can't decide which color is my favorite. I love them all.

      I think the Santa Justa List is the most fascinating thing, especially seeing how high up the mountain it goes.

      It was fun finding more current pictures of the ones my mother took on her trip.

    2. Thank you Sammy- of couse PINK is the best!
      Thank you for teaching more about our world.,

      Pink Kitty