Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Travels ~ My Mother's Visit to Portugal: Part I

I have traveled quite a bit in my young life and I'm going to be posting about places I've seen. Some of my trips were with my wonderful mother. To honor her, I'm going to begin with pictures she took of Portugal.

The first picture is captioned "Portugal: Water Viaduct."

This is the Aqueduct of the Free Waters in Lisbon, Portugal.

Image by User:Juntas

This 15th century aqueduct is called Aqueduto de Amoreira (Mulberry Aqueduct).

Image by Hunda

Entering Lisbon, Portugal.


Other views overlooking Lisbon. I've always loved tiled roofs.

Image by Erik Cleves Kristensen

Overlooking the main square.

Image by Erik Cleves Kristensen

Image by Huguys

Isn't this an awesome view?

Image by Huguys

I'm not sure what building in Lisbon this is from, but it's interesting.

If we get near those aqueducts, Giraffe sponge #230 might come in handy.


  1. Hi Anna,
    I don't know anything about Portugal.
    And you're teaching me! Yipee.

    I'm so glad you have this blog.

    Pink Kitty

    1. Every time I do a post about a country, I learn so much, too. And I want to visit every country!