Friday, March 29, 2013

The Bunnies Are Coming! The Bunnies Are Coming!

Marshmallow Bunnies, that is. It's not quite Easter, but where candy is concerned, you can never be too early.

Image by Brandy Shaul

I think these two have been nipping into the chocolate. They look far too happy.

Image by JimmyMac210

Square Bunnies. Who would have thought it?

Image by ohdearbarb

A Bunny Army is only as good as its leader.

Image by Echo9er

The cleanest Bunnies in town.

Image by soapylovedeb

Vintage postcards offer some adorable images of Bunnies.

Image by ItsLassieTime

Image by ItsLassieTime

Image by ItsLassieTime

Image by paukrus

Image by riptheskull

Image by riptheskull

Giraffe #220, did no one tell you that you're not an Easter Bunny? And that's not a vintage Easter card? But while you're looking, do you see any Easter eggs?


  1. Dear Anna,
    How precious. I do think the Bunny Army will be sweet ;)

    Happy Easter,
    Pink Kitty