Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Read-a-Thon, Chapter 4

Have you ever sat outside on a warm afternoon and read the hours away?

Woman Reading Book on Park Bench

Girl in a Red Dress, Seated by Swimming Pool seems to enjoy reading more than swimming.

Sir John Lavery

A straw hat will keep the sun at bay.

Quiet Time by Keith Gantos

Or one could sit under a shady tree.

Timeless Moments by Mark Arian

Or have a frilly parasol handy.

The Reader by Frank Weston Benson

If it's chilly, one might need to bundle up a bit.

Girl seated, wearing hat by Grace Cossington Smith

Might as well get comfortable.

Absorbed In Robinson Crusoe by Robert Collinson

Woman Reading in a Forest by Gyula Bencz├║r

Just be careful if you're reading in a tree!

Art Print Illustrated by John R. Neill

Art Print Illustrated by Molly Benatar

Giraffe #210 will be a good bookmark for when I read outside.


  1. Charming...when I was in jr high I made my own little nook in a corner of the backyard. It was very small & private. I think we all need a little corner of our own.

    Thank you,
    Pink Kitty

    1. Your little book nook sounds heavenly!

  2. I love the artwork of the boy absorbed in Robinson Crusoe

    1. I love doing art posts. I have found so many brilliant paintings since starting this blog.