Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Country of the Week ~ Ukraine

What do dance and eggs have in common? They are both examples of Ukrainian art.

Ukrainian dance is spirited and exciting. And the costumes are gorgeous.

Image by Riwnodennyk

Image by phogel

Image by Robert Bell

This Ukrainian dance is the Hopak, or Cossack, dance.

This is the Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble, Pavlo Virsky, Kyiv. Just imagine the leg muscles one would need to do this dance.

Pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg. They are decorated with beeswax using a stylus.

Image by Lubap

The eggs are dipped in dye. When the dye is dry, more designs are created with the beeswax and the egg is dipped in another color dye. The eggs are dyed from light color to dark.

Image by Cathryn Sprynczynatyk

Then the eggs dipped in the final color, usually red, brown or black. The eggs are heated to remove the wax and the final design is revealed.

Image by Luba Petrusha, Creator of the Eggs

I never get tired of looking at these intricately-designed eggs.

Image by Luba Petrusha, Creator of the Eggs

Image by Mary-Irene Lang

Author of Rechenka's Eggs, Patricia Polacco, is of Ukrainian descent. In this episode of Reading Rainbow she demonstrates how to create Pysanka.

Don't worry Giraffe #219. You may be made of wax, but I would never melt you to make a Ukrainian Easter egg.

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  1. Wow! How interesting to learn how they make their eggs. If I lived there I would not be able to eat the eggs. I'm glad I live here
    so I can eat these eggs.

    Pink Kitty