Saturday, March 2, 2013

Country of the Week ~ Turkey

I've never thought about visiting Turkey before. After seeing the delight I might find there, I now think I've enjoy it very much. Who wouldn't love to visit Bodrum Castle?

Image by Ad Meskens

Or this museum in Trebizond, Turkey. It was formerly Hagia Sophia church, and later a mosque.

Image by Macukali

These ruins at Ephesus are fascinating.

Image by heydrienne

I think I want to see the city walls of Diyarbakir first. Look at that beautiful heart!

Image by Bertil Videt

I love the spires on the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Image by Dersaadet

And these in Edirne, Turkey.

Image by Nevit Dilmen

Look at this waterfall at Manavgat.

Image by Thomas Gensler

The colors in these pictures are so gorgeous I can't wait to see them for myself.

Mount Olympos ~ Image by Giray

Amasra, Bartin, Turkey ~ Image by rogiro

Mt Nemrut ~ Image by *saipal

The sky above Syranian Church in Mardin, Turkey, is so moody.

Image by Ömer Ünlü

Giraffe #208, are you ready to sail away to Turkey?

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  1. Brr I don't think I'd enjoy Turkey- it looks cold there. The scenery is pretty. I love the pink in Asmarat Turkey.

    Pink Kitty