Friday, March 15, 2013

Country of the Week ~ South Africa

Have you ever gone to a conference for work? Was it like this?

Did you get to see giraffes walking around? With zebras? My South African friend's brother in law did. He took these pictures at a conference at Heia Safari Ranch. Thank you to the du Plooy family for sharing your wonderful pictures. When can I sign up for a conference, too?

Or maybe I'll go to a game farm in South Africa.

Image by Daniel Flower

He looks very welcoming.

Image by Jean and Nathalie

Maybe I'll go on a photo safari at Lion Sands Reserve, part of Kruger National Park in South Africa. 

Image by Gurney5

And take pictures while the animals walk by.

Image by Gurney5

I love giraffes and zebras together.

Image by David W. Siu

Image by Martin_Heigan

Image by Martin_Heigan

This is what Durban, South Africa, looks like from the north of the city towards the south. This stretch of beach is called the Golden Mile. That water is so beautiful.

My friend has these beautiful views from where she lives.

She goes to birthday parties with beautiful birds.

If I visit the Johannesburg Zoo, maybe the peacock will show off for me like this.

Image by abmiller99

Someday I might carry Giraffe #214 back to South Africa, where she belongs.


  1. Beautiful...I was jealous of my sister who lives across the street from the ocean. Now I'm more jealous!

    Anna~ you always do a wondeful job.

    Pink Kitty

    1. Thanks, Pink. :)

      I'm in awe of all the beautiful places there are in the world. I want to visit everyone of them.

  2. Anna, what a wonderful post! I love the first of the giraffe and zebra photos. They seem to be enjoying an interesting sight together.

    1. I'm so glad you like the post. I was thinking about you when I was working on it.