Friday, March 22, 2013

Country of the Week ~ Serbia

Serbia is a landlocked country bordering Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro, as well as Albania (through the disputed region of Kosovo).

Image by Cartographer of the United Nations

The Nine Largest Cities/Towns of Serbia

1. Belgrade. Cathedral of Saint Sava and the National Library of Serbia.

Image by Vlada Marinković

2. Novi Sad. Downtown. The architecture is wonderful.

Image by Albatalab

3. Niš. The city center.

Image by Alxadj

4. Kragujevac. I love the bright blue and sparkle in this picture.

Image by Струјајое

5. Subotica. Subotica Square.

Image by Vukovic Ivan

6. Zrenjanin. Zrenjanin City Hall and monument of King Peter I. The color of the city hall looks like Eau de Nil.

Image by Alexzr88

7. Pancevo. What a lovely, moody photo this is.

Image by Forgivenday

8. Čačak. Bridges on Zapadna Morava River and Borac Hall.

Image by Forgivenday

9. Novi Pazar. The Raška River flows through the city. The buildings on the left are such an interesting shape.

Image by Jovanvb

Giraffe #217, are you in Kragujevac?


  1. Fantastic post. Thanks for showing the beauty of Serbia.

    Karl Haudbourg
    Serbia's Ambassador to the World

  2. I agree! Fantastic post!
    Serbia is now top of my ever growing list of must-visit countries.

  3. Thank you for your comment, Karl.

    Sam ~ Another country added to my list, too!