Monday, March 4, 2013

Color of the Week ~ Jade

If you're going to do Jade, do it all the way. That must be how the owners of this house in New Zealand felt.

Image by ksuyin

Jade House should probably have some Philippine Jade Vines.

Image by keepps

The blue-green color of the flowers shines in the dusk and is clearly visible to bats, which are attracted by the enormous amounts of nectar that each flower produces. The bats hang upside down to drink the nectar.

Image by Roy Hammans

Jade carvings would be beautiful inside Jade House.

Image by Vince Garcia

A carving within a carving within a carving.

Image by sanofi2498

Don't worry. I would never forget Jade jewelry.

Image by Romana Correale

Image by IrenkaJewelry

A beautiful Dragonfly Love bracelet.

Image by Bettina Johnson Jewelry

Isn't this Faux Jade Dragon adorable?

Image by FantasyClay

Very good, Giraffe #209. You found some Jade leaves to play in.


  1. I love the flowers! And I bet your sister loves the dragonfly bracelet, it's really pretty.

    1. I love the dragonfly bracelet, too, because it's so different.

  2. Jade House is really pretty. Is it made wholly from Jade?
    I do think jade jewelry is some of the prettiest. And dragonflys are my favorite.

    Pink Kitty

    1. I think Jade House is just the color of Jade, but I sure do like it. It looks so beautiful and peaceful.