Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bonny Bunnies

This little guy looks a trifle confused. Maybe it's because he's a coaster.

Image by Debbie(Woodlands Texas)

What else would a crocheted Bunny have, but crocheted chocolate.

Image by Debbie(Woodlands Texas)

Now this is more like it. Let's hope it's not crocheted.

Image by Debbie(Woodlands Texas)

Even the Easter Bunny needs companionship.

Image by summer photo hobby

Commander: Easter Bunny bigger and pinker than suspected. Send reinforcements!

Image by katerha

Too late. They're everywhere.

Image by Lin Kristensen

Hiding out?

Image by Robert Taylor

Bunnies do multiply quickly. I wonder how many new Bunnies there will be tomorrow.

Image by Bopox

A few more than I thought.

Image by Jerzy Kociatkiewicz

Eggs. I need eggs!

Image by Gerbil

Are you sure the eggs we delivered last year were this big

Image by L.Kenzel

Good thing we've got an energetic new assistant.

Image by K.R.Storm

I'm sorry, Giraffe #216. I don't think you're quite ready to help deliver Easter eggs.

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