Friday, March 29, 2013

The Bunnies Are Coming! The Bunnies Are Coming!

Marshmallow Bunnies, that is. It's not quite Easter, but where candy is concerned, you can never be too early.

Image by Brandy Shaul

I think these two have been nipping into the chocolate. They look far too happy.

Image by JimmyMac210

Square Bunnies. Who would have thought it?

Image by ohdearbarb

A Bunny Army is only as good as its leader.

Image by Echo9er

The cleanest Bunnies in town.

Image by soapylovedeb

Vintage postcards offer some adorable images of Bunnies.

Image by ItsLassieTime

Image by ItsLassieTime

Image by ItsLassieTime

Image by paukrus

Image by riptheskull

Image by riptheskull

Giraffe #220, did no one tell you that you're not an Easter Bunny? And that's not a vintage Easter card? But while you're looking, do you see any Easter eggs?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Country of the Week ~ Ukraine

What do dance and eggs have in common? They are both examples of Ukrainian art.

Ukrainian dance is spirited and exciting. And the costumes are gorgeous.

Image by Riwnodennyk

Image by phogel

Image by Robert Bell

This Ukrainian dance is the Hopak, or Cossack, dance.

This is the Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble, Pavlo Virsky, Kyiv. Just imagine the leg muscles one would need to do this dance.

Pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg. They are decorated with beeswax using a stylus.

Image by Lubap

The eggs are dipped in dye. When the dye is dry, more designs are created with the beeswax and the egg is dipped in another color dye. The eggs are dyed from light color to dark.

Image by Cathryn Sprynczynatyk

Then the eggs dipped in the final color, usually red, brown or black. The eggs are heated to remove the wax and the final design is revealed.

Image by Luba Petrusha, Creator of the Eggs

I never get tired of looking at these intricately-designed eggs.

Image by Luba Petrusha, Creator of the Eggs

Image by Mary-Irene Lang

Author of Rechenka's Eggs, Patricia Polacco, is of Ukrainian descent. In this episode of Reading Rainbow she demonstrates how to create Pysanka.

Don't worry Giraffe #219. You may be made of wax, but I would never melt you to make a Ukrainian Easter egg.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Color of the Week ~ More Easter Pastels

The Birth of a Peep Army
Nesting Materials

Image by Teo

The Eggs

Image by Teo

Keeping the Eggs Warm

Image by Teo

Babies Waiting for Food

Image by Teo

The Gathering

Image by James Vela

Peep Army Prepares To Take Over Easter

Image by James Vela

Peep Army Rejects. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just don't have what it takes.

Image by jtrummer

Image by hownowdesign

Image by jtrummer

We'd better get some other Easter treats before the Peeps have them banished for good.

Image by chapstickaddict

Image by Kimono Loco

Image by abbey*christine

I adore petit fours, as much to look at as to eat.

Image by EricaJoy

Don't look so sad, Giraffe #218. You weren't the only Peep Army reject.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Country of the Week ~ Serbia

Serbia is a landlocked country bordering Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro, as well as Albania (through the disputed region of Kosovo).

Image by Cartographer of the United Nations

The Nine Largest Cities/Towns of Serbia

1. Belgrade. Cathedral of Saint Sava and the National Library of Serbia.

Image by Vlada Marinković

2. Novi Sad. Downtown. The architecture is wonderful.

Image by Albatalab

3. Niš. The city center.

Image by Alxadj

4. Kragujevac. I love the bright blue and sparkle in this picture.

Image by Струјајое

5. Subotica. Subotica Square.

Image by Vukovic Ivan

6. Zrenjanin. Zrenjanin City Hall and monument of King Peter I. The color of the city hall looks like Eau de Nil.

Image by Alexzr88

7. Pancevo. What a lovely, moody photo this is.

Image by Forgivenday

8. Čačak. Bridges on Zapadna Morava River and Borac Hall.

Image by Forgivenday

9. Novi Pazar. The Raška River flows through the city. The buildings on the left are such an interesting shape.

Image by Jovanvb

Giraffe #217, are you in Kragujevac?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bonny Bunnies

This little guy looks a trifle confused. Maybe it's because he's a coaster.

Image by Debbie(Woodlands Texas)

What else would a crocheted Bunny have, but crocheted chocolate.

Image by Debbie(Woodlands Texas)

Now this is more like it. Let's hope it's not crocheted.

Image by Debbie(Woodlands Texas)

Even the Easter Bunny needs companionship.

Image by summer photo hobby

Commander: Easter Bunny bigger and pinker than suspected. Send reinforcements!

Image by katerha

Too late. They're everywhere.

Image by Lin Kristensen

Hiding out?

Image by Robert Taylor

Bunnies do multiply quickly. I wonder how many new Bunnies there will be tomorrow.

Image by Bopox

A few more than I thought.

Image by Jerzy Kociatkiewicz

Eggs. I need eggs!

Image by Gerbil

Are you sure the eggs we delivered last year were this big

Image by L.Kenzel

Good thing we've got an energetic new assistant.

Image by K.R.Storm

I'm sorry, Giraffe #216. I don't think you're quite ready to help deliver Easter eggs.