Friday, February 22, 2013

Nature's Hearts

I love seeing natural Hearts, like the ones in these trees.

Image by FreeWine

Image by Tobyotter

Image by Yannick Krempp

Image by Tara R

Rocks can be found shaped like Hearts.

Image by lotus8

Image by Lewisisms

Image by LAJ2006

Cacti are a surprising source of Heart shapes.

Image by anyjazz65

Image by Tony Fischer Photography

But Bleeding Heart flowers are always ready to show their Hearts.

Image by deejayres

Image by Chris_Parfitt

More of Nature's Hearts in my next post. It looks like Giraffe Family #203 are looking forward to seeing it.


  1. I love it. A g/f sent me a rock she'd found in RI, it was heart shaped.

    You always do such a nice job of explaining things.

    Pink Kitty

    1. How special to get a heart-shaped rock for a gift. I just love what nature does.

  2. My mom used to have Bleeding Hearts in her garden. They were so pretty! Nature is a wonderful thing.

    ~Ani Rae

    1. I think those Bleeding Hearts are beautiful flowers, too.