Monday, February 18, 2013

Color of the Week ~ Red and Pink

I know, I know. Last week was Pink and Red. But I just can't let these colors go quite yet. At least the title is not exactly the same. Now would you really expect me not to post a picture of The Painted Cow on the Isle of Man?

Image by nWoSyxx

Or this Red and Pink set at the corner of Salt Box Lane and Halifax Road? Some pictures just have to be shared.

Image by Terry Robinson

I just ran across this cutie in Pink socks and small boots. Thankfully there's a tiny bit of Red in the background so I could include her.

Image by scribbletaylor

And this vase created in China between 1710 and 1722. Is this not a beautifully subtle example of Red and Pink?

Walters Art Museum

Since this is still February, let's have more hearts.

Image by kiki follettosa

Image by Alkelda

Image by keepps

Image by kait jarbeau is in love with you

Image by scribbletaylor

Red and Pink food. Yum!

Image by Zen Cupcake

Image by tomylees

Image by tomylees

Image by brklynn

There's nothing like a single, perfect rose to make a cupcake perfect.

Image by Angelina Cupcake

Or Giraffe #201, with a Red heart and a Pink heart, to make this post perfect.


  1. The angels are so beautiful. I wish I had the skill, and the patience, to craft treasures like those.

  2. I love visiting here!!! The pink & red are puuuurfect. I could never have too much of either color. I found you a cute girraffee on Pinterest, but have not figured out how to get him to you.

    I love the pic of the cow & yes I'm going to swipe it.

    Pink Kitty

    1. I sent you a message on Goodreads so we can connect on Pinterest.