Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flaming June

When I put up my profile picture I had no idea who painted it nor what the name of the painting was. I wonder if she was more energetic in January.

Flaming June

I discovered the artist was Frederic Leighton, 1st Baron Leighton and fell in love with his paintings, like this one of a woman reading.

The Maid with the Yellow Hair

The very simplicity of this painting is what makes every line pure and beautiful.


When I look at this woman I wonder what she's thinking. Is she imagining her sweetheart or remembering a lost love? Or is she hoping that the painter will be done quickly so she can move her head? I love the peacock feathers in the background.


Another thinker. But this time the artist has given us a clue to her thoughts in the painting's title.


This looks like the same woman from the painting above. Perhaps she was a favorite model.

An Italian Lady

Isn't the painting of the folds in the satin fabric amazing? I can't imagine wearing that all day, though.

Mrs James Guthrie

The color is what attracted me to this painting. Again, his detail to the fabric and the walls and arch are so impressive.

Girl in Green

More of Frederic Leighton's brilliant painting of fabrics.


The Countess Brownlow

Girl 2

Another woman reading. I would love to have her outfit. And the reading desk. Maybe I should just take the whole room.

Study At a Reading Desk

Giraffe #180 has taken his pose from our introspective model, Pavonia.

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  1. Anna, thank you for introducing me to this artist. I think Pavonia is my favourite, she looks exotic and mysterious.